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Kream of the Krop

bandThe Kream of the Krop, a big swing band, was originally organized by former band musicians who were members of the Greeley Kiwanis Club about 1983. The purpose was simply to play for enjoyment and the occasional benefit performance. Although only a few of the current members of the band are now in Kiwanis, the band is still sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of  Greeley for its benefit shows.

The band has had an interesting history. For two summers in the mid 90s  the band entered the Glenn Miller Festival contest for swing bands and  won the first place trophy both times. Since this is perhaps the only  national Glenn Miller Festival, the band has claimed that they are “back-to-back national champions.”

Their large public performances include concerts on the campus at UNC, the  Rialto Theater in Loveland, the Arts Picnic, the Union Colony Civic  Center Holiday Festival, Highplains Chautauqua, Jive Cats dances at CSU, KLZ and Pirate radio (104.7) through their CDs, the Colorado Music  Educators Annual Convention, a national convention for dentistry, and  many others.

In April of 2008 they shared a joint concert with the world-traveling  Greeley Chorale. In June 2009 they played for the Glenn Miller Festival  dance in Fort Morgan as part of the recreated Glenn Miller Festival.  In the summer of 2013 they continued their tradition of presenting  free concerts at the amphitheater and band shell at St. Michael’s  Center..

The tune in the background is Contessa from our CD First Impressions.

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